Airstrip (NZFT)


Airstrip at Flatpoint

Flat Point Airstrip (NZFT) 119.1 RWY 35 / 17 500m.
GPS: S 41 14.35 E 175 57.37

RWY 17 is not generally suited to R/H approach, otherwise approach is optional. Watch for long lucerne growth on RWY edges. Also turbulence on late final RWY 17 in SW - W / wind. Mean elevation of strip is 20' asl with a rising gradient south to north of 20' over length. Area is prone to NW - W gale force wind giving severe low level turbulence.





        Accommodation is at Reefpoint Lodge a 5 minute walk from the airstrip or phone 063727527

        Section Sales Enquiries at Reefpoint Lodge or phone 063727527








 Please enquire on 063727527 or if this is open as sometimes it is shut up for Flatpoint Station’s farming interests.