FlatPoint Beach

Welcome to Flat Point, isolation and relaxation at its best!

Beach House Coming Available For Sale —- Isolation and Relaxation at its best  —   Wish you were here???

Two Hours Wellington  /  Palmerston North

Our beach sections at Flat Point are carefully covenanted, not forgetting to mention environmentally and family friendly.

All our sections have a vehicle access ROW secured to their title for vehicle access to the beach for boat launching and other activities

Flat Point is the perfect location to relax and unwind, go diving, fishing, swimming, surfing – or just walk and breathe the clean sea air.  Coastal living at it’s best!!!

Think carefully before you come and view these sections or our Beach House !!! ( Most people have not heard of Flat Point)  When you come over the coastal hills and experience the unique sense of the wild coastal beauty before you—–you may never want to leave!!!!

Stay At Flat Point Beach

SORRY  —–   All our units are closed ——  We WILL BE BACK —– PLEASE KEEP WATCHING!!!!

Flat Point Beach is situated 60kms east of Masterton and Carterton, it is a comfortable 2 hour drive from Wellington and Palmerston North, one hour drive to Martinborough or a twenty minute drive to the DOC Honeycombe walk.

Our three units  ” Lighthouse Chalet, “Young Nick’s Chalet ” and the “Crowsnest Cottage” are 1 km pass the end of the public road. They all have baths, Fires and are self contained. Beautiful sea views  View our Activities page to see what you can do at Flat Point while staying with us. Or you can just curl up and watch the ships and the world go by while reading a book.—Isolation at its best !!!  Wish you were here????

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