Flatpoint Station, Beach & Reef Point Lodge Background

Flat Point was named by Captain James Cook during his navigation of New Zealand's coast.

Situated 60kms east of Masterton and Carterton, it is a comfortable 2 hour drive from Wellington and Palmerston North

There is a large 'close to shore' reef at the point which provides for excellent boat launching because of its calming effect on ocean swells. Diving around the reef is excellent and the calm water inside the reef provides safe swimming between tides. Alternatively, there is surfing and body surfing on the beaches adjacent to the point. There is also a 'sunken' reef to the south about 500 metres offshore which provides bonbora surfing in certain sea conditions.

Beach Sections: These are residential lots of between 1600 and 3500 sq m.

All purchasers will be given a right of way over the Flat Point Station private access to beach (boat launching roadway) secured to their title. We believe that this access provides the best boat launching conditions available on the Wairarapa Coast and access to some of the best fishing grounds in the southern North Island.

We have sandy beaches as well as rocks and reefs. Flatpoint Beach is a very family friendly beach.

All lots offered for sale have excellent building sites.

We are also offering larger blocks of Coastal Land for sale where you have your "OWN SPACE"