About Flatpoint

Flatpoint Station, Beach & Reef Point Lodge Background

The name Flat Point has been described by some as an anomaly of terms because they ask how can a point on the coast be flat? It is really only when one views Flat Point from the sea approaching from the south as Captain Cook did on February 11th 1770 that it is clearly apparent why he named it that.

Waves of Fun to learn about swimming, surfing, water skiing, boating and fishing in the sea and with very good boat launching Flat Point would have to be arguably the best family beach on the Wairarapa Coast.

Rocks to Explore to learn about diving, snorkeling, and rock pools with their Starfish, shellfish, paua and fish. Nearly all the rocks between you and the sea at Flat Point Beach are actually in the sea and are habitat for fish and other seafood.

Sand to Enjoy as Flat Point is a sandy beach for sand castles and fun for the younger children and walks and running along long stretches of beach for those who want to walk or run for fun and relaxation or train for competitive events or maybe just to lie amongst the sand dunes and read a book or take a nap and watch the ships go by

Hills of Magic surrounding the Beach—– from seeing sheep, lambs, cattle and calves roaming them , and to their ever changing moods. Flat Point can on some days get four seasons in one day weather wise and the hills surrounding Flat Point project these feelings.

Wellington and Palmerston North are two hours away, Masterton ,Carterton, Greytown and Martinborough one hour away. Five days a week mail and goods delivery.

Beach Sections

New Beach Sections For Sale: These are residential lots of between 1600 and 3500 sq m. Go to our Section for sale page

All purchasers will be given a right of way over the Flat Point Station private access to beach (boat launching roadway) secured to their title. We believe that this access provides the best boat launching conditions available on the Wairarapa Coast and access to some of the best fishing grounds in the southern North Island.

We have sandy beaches as well as rocks and reefs. Flatpoint Beach is a very family friendly beach.

All lots offered for sale have excellent building sites.

All Flat Point’s Beach Sections are only 5-10m above sea level, there is not a hill which you have to climb up and down every time you go to the beach. Our valleys are long and low to the west giving long sunny evenings and stunning sunsets.